Abigails Dream Adventures Daydreams Puddles and Rainbows

Abigails Dream Adventures Daydreams Puddles and Rainbows



This children’s book is about a precocious little girl named Abigail who has wonderful puddle adventures with her neighborhood friends Jonathan and Judy and magical daydreams with her dream pal Pearl who changes into different characters inside Abigail’s dreams. In this daydream adventure they meet new friends from Africa that join in her dreams of wonderous play!

How deep do puddles really go, do you know?

Abigail, meanwhile, continued to be amazed and gazed into the rings of the big puddle as she watched the water flow quickly by. Noises faded into the background as Abigail started to daydream, letting all her dream friends in.

“One, two, three. Quick, jump in!” shouted Abigail to Jonathan. They jumped inside the gigantic swirling puddle. How far down could they go? Could they really reach Timbuktu or Kalamazoo, wondered Jonathan? Who knew.

Whooosh! Down they went, laughing, twirling, splashing and laughing some more with glee. Judy hesitated, unsure. Jonathan impatiently grabbed Judy’s hand on the way inside the puddle; he wanted to see much more. “Woooweee,” shouted Judy, giggling as she plunged inside the water, head and shoulders first. The air was full of pixe dust and sparkeling water starbursts!

They swirled and twirled inside the puddle. The swirling water felt warm on their arms and toes. Abigail wondered where the puddle would take them as the water level rose……