“By supporting every child’s dream of a creative, diverse and inclusive world, our vision is to shape a positive future for all children through innovative learning experiences in education, media and technology.”

Karen E. Franks - Author

John Amos - Actor

Karen E. Franks is President of ADA Group Holdings Limited a multimedia company integrating storytelling through digital media platforms such as; animation, multicultural edumedia learning and programming for children, content creation, and publishing in Bermuda.

Karen is an author of a children’s book series, "Abigail’s Dream Adventures" and is the creative force behind the company. The books evoke literacy, diversity and dream building and are an extension of the company’s vision. 

Before establishing a writing business, Karen worked in marketing for the Vancouver International Airport in Vancouver, Canada. She also spent several years in various positions in Human Resources, facilitating programming, and performance consulting in financial companies and with the Government of Bermuda. Karen enjoys showcasing her book series at speaking engagements in schools and community events in Bermuda and in Canada.

“Living her Authentic Life…”

 After a successful career in the private sector, Karen created ADA Group Holdings Limited in 2016. ADA is an international organization of professionals committed to excellence in the provision of innovative media educational platforms and related technology.  Karen’s aim is to create fully interactive and global teaching platforms that are designed to be proactive in the early engagement of children on issues of diversity and inclusion in order to dispel misinformation and cultural misunderstanding about the world's populous. Karen also writes scripts for ADA subsidiary, Dream Tales, Inc., and designs products and services that speak to ADA’s global message of acceptance and inclusion for all, regardless of race, creed or color.

Karen’s purpose in developing the Abigail Dream Adventures animated TV Series is in reflection of what Karen believes the world should be, what she believes is possible and her love for the acceptance and innocence of children. Karen’s dream is for children to use the vivid images in the TV Series to allow unexpressed feelings to come forth and create their own dreams and to make them a reality. 

A Message of Cultural Inclusion

Amazing Kirsten and Aiyven of Mbawa Book Reviewers 

Karen’s writing is deeply personal and represents her unshakable faith in literacy, diversity and dream building regardless of your skin color or the shape of your eyes. Both her Bermudian and Canadian values including the acceptance of others regardless of economic background, are paramount in her life. Karen believes that learning education is a right not a privilege and that all children deserve the chance to dream and make that dream a reality through reading.

For Karen it’s really about changing the world by her storytelling. “Children think unconditionally and get excited by my stories you can see it in their eyes. Meeting children that use their imagination like me makes me think back upon my childhood  I remember sitting under my grandmother, Mary Daniels’s piano and reading her National Geographic magazines and I would get excited when I saw beautiful children from all around the world and wished I could jump inside the pages and be there with them in the Amazonian forests or a Safari ride in Africa.”

My brand is, at its essence, “… an appreciation of you …” — a universal language that crosses borders and unites cultures.