Abigail’s Dream Adventures: The Beach

Abigail’s Dream Adventures: The Beach


This children’s book is about a precocious little girl named Abigail who has wonderful dream adventures under the sea with her best friend Pearl and meets new friends that join in her dreams from around the world.

Abby she is affectionately called by her Momma, stretched out on her beach towel, belly full after lunch. Her eyes were sleepy, and Momma had a hunch that Abby was ready for a nap. All signs pointed to that!

Abby swam past streams of brightly colored sea fans. They waved at her as she clapped her hands. She kicked her legs and swam some more and glided along the ocean floor.

She spied a shiny tail, but it wasn’t a fish. As she swam a little closer, she still couldn’t see, so she bobbed along with an African Manatee. The pair twisted and twirled through the volcanic see rocks. They passed the old shipwrecks and found shiny gold coins inside the rusty cracks. Abby heard a strange noise and quickly looked around….

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